NJ Turnpike Interchange 6-9 Widening Projects T869.120.102

This contract was part of the NJ Turnpike Interchange 6 to 9 Widening Program, which encompassed the construction of two new outer roadways. The southern limit of this contract at milepost 48.7 merges/diverges with the existing Turnpike roadway, while the northern limit at milepost 50.5 fully separates the inner and outer roadways. Two new local roadway overpass structures at CR-543/Columbus-Florence Road and CR-628/Jacksonville-Hedding Road were constructed and the existing structures along the Turnpike at Crafts Creek and over Mill Lane were widened. 86,000 square feet of Mechanically Stabilized Earth retaining walls were constructed, 1500 cubic yards of deck slab concrete were poured and 10,000 feet of pipe piles were driven, showcasing IEW’s ability to manage immense projects.

Project Details


New Jersey Turnpike Authority
July 2013
NJ Turnpike
Milepost 48.7 to 50.5
Townships of Springfield & Mansfield, Burlington County