Mission Statement

To maintain our leadership position and reputation for “Excellence in Construction” by continually setting new standards.

We fulfill our mission through:

  • Our innovative approach to construction that serves
    the best interest of our clients and the public.
  • Our decision-making that honors our past, ensures our
    future and is based on honesty, integrity, and an unwavering
    commitment to excellence.
  • Our pride in being a part of the IEW family where we respect
    ourselves, each other, our communities and the environment.
  • Our teamwork approach where each individual is committed
    to learning, coaching and mentoring their fellow employee
    and client.



A Proud History

IEW Construction Group was founded in 1925 by Vaughan S. Grundy and continues to be lead by a third-generation family member, Vaughan S. Grundy III who is the president and CEO. Since 1992, the company has grown ten-fold under his leadership.
Much of the company’s early work has become a part of New Jersey’s landmarks, including projects such as:

  • The New Jersey War Memorial
  • The State House Annex
  • The State Museum
  • Rockefeller Institute in Princeton
  • Princeton High School
  • Trenton Central High School
  • Lawrenceville School
  • Trenton Makes Bridge

And these accomplishments were just a part of the firm’s first 15 years in business which prepared it for the challenges that came with World War II. During those years, IEW supported the war effort by converting the General Motors Plant to accommodate the production of the Grumman Avenger airplane that played a major role in the Pacific. Additionally, IEW converted the plant to enable the military production of crash dollies and low profile trucks so the Navy could move disabled planes onto aircraft carriers. After WWII IEW converted the GM plant back to peacetime production.
During the 1940s, Vaughan S. Grundy, Jr. took over responsibility for the growth and development of the company. The firm continued to focus on major steel fabrication and erections throughout New Jersey. In the ensuing years the firm completed many projects for the nuclear power industry, including major projects in Louisiana and Nebraska as well as overseas in Taiwan.
Today, Vaughn S. Grundy, III, has taken the company into areas of heavy highway construction, bridge construction, heavy concrete construction, sitework & excavation, steel fabrication, emergency response and maintenance, as well as marine construction.



Management Team

Meeting today’s challenges, the IEW Construction Group management team provides diverse expertise which has fueled the growth and success of our company. With the leadership of third-generation, family member Vaughn S. Grundy, III, IEW’s team brings together backgrounds in:

  • construction
  • engineering
  • project management
  • estimation
  • transportation
  • steel fabrication
Vaughan S. Grundy, III

President and CEO

Darrell D. Harms

Chief Operating Officer

Harry W. Coleman, Jr.

Executive Vice President

Joseph Accurso

Vice President – Project Manager/Field Operations

Jennifer Wilson

Vice President – Finance, Strategy and Administration

Sean Flynn