Middlesex County New Brunswick Landing

New Brunswick Landing is a floating dock that provides docking facilities for area boaters. The modular dock offers 12 slips for boats up to 45 feet in length. It offers an opportunity for boaters to dock and visit downtown New Brunswick, a 5 minute walk away. IEW Construction Group drove the concrete filled pipe piles, built the dock platforms and gangways, and set out navigational aids. The project also required an ornamental gangway entrance, which greets boaters entering and exiting the docks. Soon after completion in March of 2007, an April Nor’easter flooded the Raritan River and plunged the docks and gangway underwater; however, IEW Construction Group was able to restore the docks for use by the summer season, and the docks continue to be available to boaters and river recreation to this day

Project Details


Middlesex County
New Brunswick, NJ