NJ Turnpike Delaware River Turnpike Bridge, Tishman Construction

Connecting the two major Turnpikes in NJ and PA, the Delaware River Turnpike Bridge is a 6,571 foot long, 135’ high, 4 lane steel truss bridge. This bridge is part of a critical artery from New York City to Philadelphia. IEW Construction reinforced and strengthened the structure of the bridge to protect this vital corridor. 10,000 rivets were replaced one at a time, using an Air Arc torch to cut the rivet heads and then employing a pneumatic hammer weighing 60 pounds appropriately known as a “rivet buster.” An extensive containment system was implemented, both for the safety of IEW’s workers and for the protection of the surrounding environment. Visual and noise restriction measures were undertaken to minimize any disturbance to the peregrine falcons known to seasonally nest on the bridge.

Project Details


New Jersey Turnpike Authority
CM: Tishman Construction
Burlington, NJ & Bristol, PA