Mercer County Improvement Authority Delaware River Mercer County Waterfront Docks

In conjunction with the Route 29 Waterfront Improvements led by the NJDOT in 2002, Mercer County’s North Riverwalk Waterfront Park added 1,000 feet of access to the Trenton waterfront on the Delaware River starting in front of the Waterfront Park Baseball Stadium. This park was part of an initiative to encourage recreational activity and enhance the local neighborhoods along the Delaware in the vicinity of the Route 29 tunnel. IEW Construction Group was the successful bidder to supply the docks, install the piles and pile arms, build the access walkway, and construct the various sidewalks and flatwork. At the end of the season, the dock was removed from the water and stored at a county facility. This project was the first phase of Mercer County Improvement Authority’s plans for a revitalized waterfront.

Project Details


Mercer County Improvement Authority
Trenton, NJ